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Batik Air Call Center can be contacted for 24 hours

Batik Air Calling Center is a service that helps clients get information or file complaints. The development of technology makes the industry capable of establishing good communication with its customers. The increase in services makes the quality of airlines even higher.

Through the call center, customers can make phone calls with different needs. Customers can request information on flights or complain about services received from the airline. This communication may cause the airline to receive a standoff for services that are later provided for evaluation.

Call Center staff plays an important role in establishing good communication with customers. They should have sufficient knowledge in geography, such as the direction of the aircraft area to the time zone. Employees need to understand the route that passes through the plane and the division of time zones.

Not there at all, employees should be aware of air tickets and other services provided by the airline. Employees should know in detail about the prices, how to book, how to change the departure schedule, to how to cancel tickets.

The most important thing that call center staff needs to master is good communication skills. Employees should understand customer requests or complaints. They also need to provide information or solutions in a necessary, efficient and effective speaking manner.

Communication skills that employees possess will  please customers after calling with call center Batik Air. This is because customers want to explain information or solutions about the complaint. If employees have poor communication skills, it will disappoint customers.

Batik Air Airline haqida

Batik Air is a subsidiary of Lion Air. A business entity operates in the full service category. It was first operated on May 3, 2013. The first route to run is from Jakarta to Manado and Balikpapan.

Batik was set up by Lion Lion Air for failing to meet the increase in passenger supplements. Therefore, the company established a new airline. The company brought five Boeing 737s to the new airline to cope with a growing number of passengers.

The airline has flight routes of 59 both at home and abroad. The airline reaches Sumatra in Kalimantan, Nusa Tenggara, Maluku, Papua, and Sulawesi. Foreign countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Saudi Arabia.

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At first, he managed only ten Boeing 737-900ER aircraft. So far, it has been operating a fleet of 74 aircraft. The types of aircraft include the Airbus A320-200, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-900ER, Boeing 737-8 and Boeing 737-9 aircraft.

Despite the status of a subsidiary, the submitted facilities are less competitive than the parent company. One of the facilities is the Batik Air call center , which can accommodate customer complaints and provide solutions to them. This facility can also communicate information requested by customers.

Services provided by Batik Air

Batik Air is classified as an excellent airline. Won numerous awards, such as ISSA. This award in the passenger safety standards sector was presented by IATA in January 2016. The reward is classified as a good reward.

The next award is the ISO standard. Received the license iso 9001:2005 as the airline with the best delay controls. As a private airline, this award proves the best management. Not all foreign airlines will be able to achieve this award.

Aside from winning awards, it has a number of advantages in the services it provides. An airline with economy and business classes offers a wide variety of options. The airline, offered at affordable prices, has TV screens, snacks and extensive cargo.

The airline for facilities and infrastructure has an independent repair center called Batam Aero Technic. In addition, this company provides housing for its employees from Ground Crew to Flight Crew. Despite having only the status of a private company, Batik Air can provide a variety of amenities.

Batik Air continues to build facilities that support its aviation business. These institutions are educational institutions, hotels and plazas. It didn’t stop there , and  an air line delivery service was also created under the name Lyons Parcel. The airline continues to create and build facilities to improve services.

Batik Air often differs from Lion Air, which deals with aircraft crashes. This airline is safer compared with the parent company, so it has many customers. Batik Air call center is one of the services created to build good customer relationships.

How to contact Batik Air Call Center

Batik Air call center can be approached in different ways. One of them is to visit the head office directly. The office is located at Batik Air Headquarters, Lion Air Tower, Jl. Gajah Mada No. 7 in Central Jakarta.

In addition to being able to come to the head office,  you can also contact batik Air Call Center  with email lines, social networks or phone numbers. The email address of the link Telephone numbers of the head office 080 4177 8899 and 021-6379 8000.

In addition to the head office, you can also find branches located in your own city. If you don’t want to come to the office, each branch also has a phone number. The airline’s branches are scattered almost throughout Indonesia. You can easily find an affiliate.

Batik Air call center can be contacted even though the customer is overseas. Customers can still request information or file complaints about airline services. These advantages make it easier for customers.

Important points about Batik Air Call Center

A few things  to consider about the Bat ik Air call center. First, the service consumes pulses. This means that you need to have credit on your mobile phone before you can call the Call Center. If you do not have a loan, you can make calls by phone.

Batik Air Call Center is available within 24 hours and on holiday. If you need information or want to complain outside of business hours, you can do so by phone. Responses by employees are given quickly and friendlyly.

You can contact  the Batik Air Call Center and  find out about flight prices, flight routes on certain dates or days, how to book and pay for flight tickets, how to change departure schedules, and even how to cancel flight tickets.

As well as receiving information,  customers can submit complaints to the Batik Air call center. Complaints that are usually filed are about higher ticketing, difficulty booking tickets, delay problems, difficulty changing departure schedules for canceling tickets  .

Customers can request information through the Call Center. In addition, customers can also file complaints about services received from airlines. Customers  can get a solution after contacting  the Batik Air call center. Employees respond quickly and friendlyly.