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Benefits of using Sony’s Mobile Service Center  foryou

There are also quite a few Sony smartphone users  in  Indonesia, so Sony’s  mobile service centers are increasingly being squashed in different regions.  Because every smartphone use will definitely face a problem. So Sony’s service center is the right choice to carry out repairs.

Different new types allow Sony  to introduce smartphones that are not only sophisticated but also beautiful and aesthetic. An array of great features are introduced, with the camera benefits being the most obvious among all other features.

The reason is that Sony  is the phone with the most capable camera among other smartphones.  The sharp resolution of either the front camera or the rear camera is very supportive for those of you who have a hobby of photography but don’t like bringing the camera to man-a-mana.

Just as other gadgets are very vulnerable, so this gad e twas launched by Sony.  Therefore, there  is a  need for the presence of a service center, which is another official service center.   Sony’s mobile service center was initially hard to find in Indonesia.

This has caused  many  Sony users to be confused when their phones are damaged. Until he finally decided to repair his phone at an unofficial service center. In fact, through repairs in an unofficial place r i therisk is quite high as there is no guarantee.

By repairing the official service center, you will get various benefits. Here are the benefits you can get from repairing your phone at an official service center.

Repair by professionals

Sony’s  mobile service center offers professionals to serve as technicians who will serve you. These professionals will usually be specially trained first to understand the details of each element of the smartphone.

This will definitely have an impact on the services provided, they can fully repair all damage without  causing yard damage. In addition, the processing time will be shorter as the understanding of the technician who repairs it increases.

In this way, you can calmly trust the phone to the service center and get satisfaction with the service. In addition, Sony will  definitely gain a lot of trust from consumers. Therefore, they will be loyal to the use of Sony-branded phones.

Safer smart phone recovery

Of course, by trusting your damaged Sony smartphone  in Sony’s mobile service center , you can rest assured that the smartphone is safe. Because the officer handling your phone will repair the damage as best you can.

They will carefully restore each component with the getahuan npe it has. If the damage to your phone is indeed serious, it  will tell you.

Unlike unofficial service points that will force repairs to your phone without enough information and are more likely to cause more serious damage. In fact, you will be forced to pay a high price for the service fee.

Of course, this is very harmful for you. Because your smartphone is not properly repaired, but you are forced to pay a high price. That is why you need to repair only the smartphone that you have in the official service center.

Officially used components

In the official service center,  damaged components in your smartphone will be replaced by official components. Because Sony will  provide every component of its smartphone for every service center around the world.

So, you don’t have to worry if your smartphone components are no longer original. In addition, the components used will match your phone’s specifications. It certainly will not cause more serious damage in the future and will guarantee the safety of your phone.

After your phone is done repairing at  Sony’s mobile service center, it’s like your phone is new again. Also, the performance will not change when you buy for the first time. This is the main advantage of the official service of the service center.

Cleaning service prices in all stores

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Unlike unofficial service center spaces that set obscure and rarely expensive prices.   Sony’s mobile service center already has  standard prices for all its services and, of course, this price is the same in all official stores.

With this, of course, you don’t have to worry if the pricing is prohibited. Although some service centers do not officially offer much cheaper prices, you should not be tempted just like that.

The reason for this could be that the components used to repair your phone are not original and even look fake. In fact, it will worsen your phone’s situation and make you even more lost.

Sony mobile service centre address

For those of you who  live in West Java and still do not know the address of  Sony’s  service center in your city  , we will give you a list of addresses.

  1. Bandung

For those of you  who live in Bandung, Sony’s official servi c e center can  be easily found  . The reason for this is that there are two places  you can  visit, namely on Jl. Naripan 109 Bandung 40112, you can also contact  them  telephonically first at (022) 4264455.


In addition to there, you can also visit Trikomsel which is inside the Bandung Electronic Center (BEC) AS Floor F21-22.


  1. Bogor

Sony smartphone users  in the Bogor area definitely don’t have to worry about finding an official service center. The reason for this is in this Sony City of Rain mobile service center   which can be found in two well-known centers.


First, you can  visit Botani Square Bogor GF-20/21,  located at Jl. Pajajaran No. 3 Baranangsiang, Bogor.  You can also contact in advance to find out the availability of services and timetables by phone (0251)8400771-9.


You can also  visit Ruko Warung Jambu Block R-1 on Jl. Pangkalan Jati, Bogor.  Indeed, at Ruko Warung Jambu, it is famous for its very complete service center of various brands and models of mobile phones. You can also contact by phone to confirm the timetable, call (0251)8340653.


  1. Bekasi

B ekasi is no smaller than the previous city, this very dense and busy city definitely has  Sony’s service center  on Mega Bekasi 1st Floor Np.292-293.  The full address is Jl. Jend Ahmad Yani No. 3 by telephone  (021) 88962826 and fax (021) 88962768.


  1. Falkirk

In this city, famous for  its industrial area,  jsutru is  very surprised when there is no  Sony service center  . The city’s progress is very important, making it a strategic location for Sony to build a gun n-place   to improve its brand.


You can visit  Jl. Tuparev Raya No.359 Karawang if you  want to repair your damaged Sony smartphone . You can also confirm this first by calling (0267) 8454421.


  1. Sukabumi

In Sukabumi, it also seems that there  is a service center for  your Sony smartphone. The address was 243305 on Jl. Ahmad Yani No. 51 Sukabumi with telephone number (0266).

The existence of Sony’s service center  will certainly help you  overcome problems with damage to your smartphone. In addition to reliable service, you can also feel that you are fixing your phone safely. From components to mobile phone repair skills, it will be very different from an average service.  So kamyou have toon the way on-true choose Sony’s mobile service center which is official and quality