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Easy to contact Telkomsel Call Center to file a complaint

As one of the companies managed by State-Owned Enterprises, Telkomsel’s call center is always provided by management.This company involved in telecommunications provides a company’s management information center intended to respond to all consumer complaints and inquiries.

In the midst of this coronavirus outbreak, the role of the call center as a corporate information center is very important. Several branch offices from Telkomsel have been forced to close to prevent the spread of the virus in Indonesia.

In addition to providing call center services through interactive phone contacts, Telkomsel provides special emails to deal with complaints related to service products. In addition, there are social media accounts managed by call centre officials responding to all requests and questions from users. So, users can now easily connect to the Telkomsel company call center.

Telkomsel Call Centers’ functions and roles in consumer service

As a company involved in telecommunications networks, Telkomsel certainly provides a variety of savings packages for consumer demand. One of them is phone packages, SMS packages, and Internet data packages. However, there are a large number of consumers who do not know the meaning of the Telkomsel service.

So tidak suspects that consumers will contact the call center service to ask for explanations of the package. but in addition, there are many functions and roles of the call center provided by Telkomsel.Among them are the following:

  1. Supply of product information and software from the company

First, the function and role of this Mestel Telecommunications Center is to inform the product information provided by the company. As a company involved in telecommunications, Telkomsel always innovates in providing the packages needed by consumers.


Therefore, the call center is reliable to explain all product information to customers. In addition, the role of the telecom center is also needed by the company, especially for the promo advertising that the company has organized.


  1. Providing solutions to problems experienced by customers

Second, this call center service also functions to inform customers about dealing with problems that are being experienced. The Call center service also has the right to deal with the problems or obstacles facing consumers.

However, if problems are reported on technical or network restrictions. Therefore, the call center will send a report to the relevant parties. You just get a report card number from the msel call center.


  1. Record every customer’s crying so that it can be used as an evaluation material

Third, all call centre officials from Telkomsel are required to record every complaint, complaint, criticism, and instructions submitted by the customer. Because, from complaints and input from users, this is an item for evaluation related to the product from Telkomsel.


If customers don’t like product packages from Telkomsel, the company will change the package. In this way, all customer complaint records can determine whether the package provided by Telkomsel is in line with the wishes of the customer.


Telkomsel Call Centers comparison compared to other telecommunications centers

The call centres provided by Telkomsel are very responsive compared to other competing companies. This is because of two factors. First, consumers have never complained about product package services managed by Telkomsel.


Second, the call center service is provided for 24 hours with qualified officers. Therefore, every complaint experienced by consumers can be dealt with immediately. Tidak suspects that the call centre from Telkomsel always provides the best for consumers.


In addition, Telkomsel provides a variety of ways to contact call center services for consumers who want to complain about product problems. It is noted that there are 3 methods you can use to contact the information center services provided by Telkomsel.


You can contact the call center from Telkomsel via an interactive phone link, send a message directly via social media, or access the “My Telkomsel” petition to complain about a product complaint from Telkomsel.


In general, all call center services provided by Telkomsel are active for a full 24 hours. So, your complaint can be heard by the company as long as you contact him. And there is no limited time to contact this Telkomsel servicecall center  .


Differences in Call Center Services provided by Telkomsel

As one of the “red panels” companies, Telkomsel certainly wants to be the best telecommunications company in Indonesia. The marketing session that began to reach the millennium was precisely calculated. So, call center services are divided into three ways.


The first method is through a contact phone line. This service is often used by customers who want a direct solution of the problem. Because, connecting through this contact phone is quick to manage it. However, operators will sometimes charge a fee to contact the call centre via telephone.


The second method is to send a complaint through a short message on social media or a direct message. Telkomsel’s call center through social media is often chosen by millennials. because, millennials always use social media to socialize.


However, this approach is considered slower to deal with the problem. Because, call center services spend more time answering complaints or questions you ask.


The third method is through the use of My Telkomsel. By using the My Telkomsel service, you can file a complaint or complaint about the Telkomsel product package.


Because, in the application there is a live chat feature so that you respond to the officer’s response to the complaint submitted will be quickly responded. In addition, you can buy a stock or a data source quota directly from the My Telkomsel application. The process of submitting the complaint will be directly responded by telkomsel call centre officials.


How to get in touch with The Call Center service from Telkomsel

Contacting a call center service from Telkomsel is not difficult. It’s just that, you have to choose a method to contact call center services. If you use the service through a contact telephone line, then you can call 0807-1811-811 directly.


You can contact the number for all Telkomsel customers. For HALO card users, you can contact 133 (toll-free). And users of SimPATI and Kartu AS, you can contact 188 (a fee if collected by a call center official) or 155 (free of charge).


For those of you who plan to contact the call center via social media, you can then use your personal account to file a complaint. Please find a Telkomsel (Twitter) or Telkomsel account (Facebook and Instagram) account. Then, send a message through the message feature directly to telkomsel call center social media; don’t forget, convey the complaints you have experienced.


And the final approach is through the use of My Telkomsel. First, please download, install, and register the account first. Then, there is a menu “Contact call center or CS.” And then tell me about the complaints you’ve had. After that, the call center will answer all requests or questions asked.

As one of the state-managed companies, Telkomsel certainly provides call centers to serve customer complaints or questions. There are 3 ways to enable you to connect to call center services. Therefore, please choose one way to contact Telkomsel’s call centre to submit a complaint or a product question.

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