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Location and services of jbl service center offered

The JBL Service Centre is one of the places where you find a product that has been corrupted .   JBL itself is a product produced  by Harman . As you know , Harman is the best audio brand in America .

Of course , JBL quality no longer requires denial . JBL products  are very famous throughout Indonesian society and are used a long  time. Even the quality of the product has been proven to be usable for a long time and has a high level of activity.

From JBL , Vinky always  comes with new technologies that make our needs easier in today ‘s complex era , the characteristics that they get the best experience of speaking to us  .

Not only is the issue of technology , JPL also has a variety of products with colorful designs , so for those of you who are very concerned about the design when choosing speaker instruments , JPL seems to have the answer . In any case , like any other product , there are times when the nickel deteriorates .

Although it is famous for its continuation , JGL ‘s vinavi konki can also suffer losses . You can look at the JBIL  Service Centre when you find that the speaker has been damaged . This service centre is being published in different cities in Indonesia . Here is more information about JBIL service centres .

JBL Service Centre & store location throughout Indonesia

First , he is in Ugia Karta . The store and service centre is precisely located in Plaza Ambrocomo , Jalan Lexda Adicipito 13, Depok , UgiaKarta . The place is open from 10:00 a.m . to 10:00 a.m . every day , including the end of the week . You can 4331405 the number here at 0274.

The second is in Central Karta . This official service place is located in Jalan Kipo Sol 4, Bongor, Sunn, Central Jakarta. It is open from 9 am to 5 am , while Saturday is open from 9 am to 5 pm , and closed sunday . You can 42871228 to the number here at 021.

The third JBL Serik Center is located in Sorabaya . The official service place is located in Pakwon Mall , Jalan Mijn Yunu Soyun 2, Sorabaya . It is open from 12:00 to 8:00 because it is located in the property , open Sunday . You can call 031 here 7392249 .

The fourth is in Sorabaya . The official service is located in Garde City Jalan , Mayor Mustafa 1, In Sorabaya . The place is open from 10:00 am to 10:00 am , and remains open on Sunday . You can 52405956 the number here at 031.

The fifth is in Bandung . The official service location is located at 23 Pasal Shaping Centre , Jalan Pasir Click 25-27, Bandung . The place is open from 10:00 am to 10:00 am , and remains open on Sunday . You can 08157080903 the number here .

Services provided by the JBL Services Centre

A large portion of the service is provided here by JBL Service Centres . First product information. At the service centre , you can also ask GBIL about products related to things . For example, there are the latest features or new products that appear here.

Second , advice on the use of the product . Sometimes , because  JBL products are present with new characteristics , we don’t know how  to  use them . Instead of using false greetings , it  is better for you to consult directly at the JBL Services Centre .   Later , the Service Center will explain how to use the product .

Third, ruin the advice. The service centre can not only repair , but you can first consult with the damage before repairing the product , so then you can estimate how much it will cost to return your favorite nickel to the way it is all .

Fourth , a place to buy a unit . If the service centre is located like a store , you can buy units there . In fact , you can consult with the seller to find a speaker series product that actually provides your needs from benefits to specifications .

Finally , improve the product . This is the main task of the Service Centre , which is to repair the product , when the vinawal deteriorates , whether it is still in the warranty period or not , you can immediately repair the product at the official service centre .

Benefits of repairing components at the official JBL Service Centre

Many people think that repairs at the official services centre seem too long and very low . In fact , there are a variety of benefits that you can get when choosing the official service centre as a place to repair the unit . The following are the benefits , such as :

  1. The problem is actually well solved . As an official service centre , of course , the unit problem you are experiencing can be solved properly because they know all the components and eventhe installation of p roduk . This is different when you serve in a random place .


  1. Prices are very competitive . Usually , many people think it takes a lot of money to serve in a service centre , although the price to spend is very competitive because it is inappropriate with the services or services they offer . Moreover, the JBL Service Center actually pays attention to quality.


  1. It is treatable for the nature of the components . KBL is a product that costs a lot of money, of course, when there are components that are corrupted, we want to get the main components. By serving in an official location , you can get completely original components .

Results before visiting the JBL Service Centre

When visiting the service centre , there are some instructions you can follow . First, see the first place. The location of the JBL service centre is not available in all cities , so it is better to see if the location is in your city .

Second, prepare all files correctly. If you visit the JBL service center to repair the product using a guarantee claim , make sure you have prepared all the files properly , such as a unit box , purchase note and warranty card . Do not allow the guarantee to fail only because the unit ‘s completeness is incomplete .

Third , see product warranty period . If you would like to submit a warranty claim at the JBL Services  Centre , you would like to see the product guarantee period first .   Don’t forget , this does not apply to the warranty period when you use the product , but is implemented when you buy the product , so it is better to pay good attention before submitting the claim .

Finally , pay attention to the terms and conditions of the guarantee . Each warranty has its own terms and conditions , but generally the product guarantee is not applied if the damage has passed the warranty period , as well as the guarantee is not applied if the damage is caused by a human error or the unit has already been lost .

In fact , it takes a long time at the service centre to check the unit to search for guarantees , so that the unit can then go into your hands , in fact , it is in good condition . In any case , if selected , of course , still choose to serve at the JBL Service Centre .

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