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Some varieties of West Javanese batik that refresh the eyes!

The West Javanese Batik is an irreplaceable Indonesian culture. How it cannot be, it has been recognized as a world cultural tradition. It is certain that indonesia’s fragrant name can be brought to the world stage. For those of you who do not know about patik. Patik is a work of art written on a piece of cloth.

Every work has such  a  high value because it has a meaning. So this is not done just by presenting a trend model separately. It already has its own trademark to use so far in the future. However, young people are now beginning  to forget about it by wearing popular dystro dresses  .

The demise of this culture is a devastating blow that must be overcome. The mindset of Indonesians is still low, which makes it easier for them to be provoked by outsiders. Although he doesn’t want to wear a batik, but if he’s accepted by Malaysia, many people, including you,  are angry, aren’t they? The point is to avoid being claimed as much as possible by the culture.

One form of maintaining it is to wear it regularly. Especially  the residents of Jay Abar, who have many varieties of West Javanese pattik. You can wear it on official or unofficial occasions. Now there are so many models of batik dresses that can be combined with modern flavors, so it doesn’t have to appear in the old style.

For those of you who are curious about the different types of choices. We have some tips with eye-refreshing nuances. There are actually many options available, but we’ll list one that keeps the eyes up to date. When it comes to wearing it, the wearer can be the center of attention because it is eye-catching or pleasing to the eye.

 Megamentung Batik Routine of West Java

For the newlyweds who are going to have a wedding. Most parents  buy this type of bodyguard, which means fertility and the meaning of giving life.  The Western Javanese Batik Megamentung looks colorful with bright nuances red, blue, yellow, green, even pink, etc. The origin of this embryo comes from the syreban in the central part.

The manufacturing center area is Trusmi village, sub-district, Blurd and Sirban Regency. So  what is the purpose? It corresponds to the color with the full color. Of course, the purpose does not go very far. It is believed that it was originally made in the area near the sea. The object of the giver of life is represented by the clouds of the sea carrying rain.

This meaning aptly describes the giver of life. Rain is able to give life to many creatures. Not only humans, but also other small creatures. So don’t be surprised if there is a cloudy nucleus with rain. For a collorfull color that has such a motif, it clearly depicts a peaceful life.

With such a nucleus, the price on the market is certainly not very expensive. It can be purchased at a cheaper price of Rs 20,000. It depends on the quality of the fabric and the complexity of the foetus. But for the common man, the price of Rs 20,000 has been added well and wearing it during official events is a great choice.

West Javanese Batik, Siamese region

For this type of Western Javanese Batik, it provides several motifs at the same time. In fact there are many but the most popular choices are from the galuh kingdoms. One of the kingdoms that existed in those days. For its famous motifs, it consists of shark stones, kaluh baguan, and seung vanara.

If you visit the Bandung region and the surrounding areas ofcourse you often hear of Seung Vanara . This theme is based on the history of the power struggle in Thera Siamese. The king of Seung Vanara fought for power in order to become one of the most influential kings there. Meanwhile, Kaluh Baguan is taken from the knife of a king.

More precisely the king of Calu during the reign of Siami’s kingdom at that time. To the shark stone embryo taken from the holiday chariot in Bangandaran.  A holiday area called y ik to stop. Leads to strange motives, but has an even deeper meaning. In addition, there are also motives for uniting the people of Jogja and Solo.

This embryo is almost the same as in its appearance. Shades of white brown or dark brown have a calm feeling. It awakens the character of radiation from it. Usually, the price of the Xiaomis Batik is still very affordable. From tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands depending on the quality of the product.

Batik West Java Sianjur Area

According to the region, Sianjur is a special agricultural area. The embryos presented are of course agricultural nuances. For the first time since the colonial era, many Indonesians at that time wore it.  If you look deeper, the embryos offered are inspired by agriculture. The yellow-green colour with rice grains is a real source of this.

With this kind of purpose, the selling price is not very expensive. You can easily get it in the offline marketplace and even online. Now there are many body sellers who sell their products online. At a price that does not reach hundreds of thousands. You can buy at dozens or parties at the same time.

Learn  more about one of  the most popular Western Javanese batik. In fact, four motifs are presented, namely, K. Ekabhi Sulid, Bensak Silang, Badi and Hayam Belung. The rice embryo is of course about the agricultural area, while the Lute tells about the condition of the village.

Then for the martial arts, it reflects a hereditary culture. With this property, it certainly distinguishes it from other areas. There’s Hayam Belung, which tells about chickens from Sianjoor.  A variant that refreshes the eye if you’re bored with common choices, especially for people in Central and East Java.

West Java Batik Indramayu Area

The fourth visible typeis Indramayu, which is one of the regions of West Java that are closest to nature  , where the creation of artisans is a lot inspired by plants and hewa n. His interesting motives put him in great demand. The color system is also new as nature uses a mixture of new colors.

The artisans there were inspired by how nature could come together. Both humans, animals, and plants can come together in an ecosystem. This relationship can be explained in more detail. So it’s not just environmental relationships, it’s smaller relationships. In essence, the objectives of the Indramayu part suggest that life is very harmonious.

From families, communities, villages, cities and even countries. The expression of a sense of separatism and group importance may be the result of many communities forgetting culture. Culture is a monument filled with philosophy. So if underestimated, many will eventually have a bad impact.

The selling price of this embryo is classified as highly expensive. With a remarkable combination of many features. This will definitely result in a sense of elegant luxury. You can buy it both online and offline. But nowadays online is much cheaper. You can save more on expenses without having to shop for others.

The minimum purchase price is 50 thousand. It depends on the provider and the ingredients used. The work is long-term with more complex nuclei. This will definitely increase the selling price.  If you’re interested, because it gives an embryo to refresh the eyes. Specialties are highly recommended to try to wear it even on official occasions.

How do you need many more types of views? For the time being, there are only four kinds of motifs of this writing. Its popularity and beauty in the eyes. Add it to the recommendation even if the selling price is not too high. Nevertheless, this West Javanese batik gives life a deeper meaning.

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