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In this article, we will discuss the benefits of Genius and Genius call centers. Yi is a digital banking application that will help you to implement varied financial activities, like savings, Transactions for financial management, etc.

In all the digital ages, even if you have to do it from the same place, that means everything is comfortable with a suspended smartphone or smartphone Genius is already an application run by BTPN Bank in 2016 and it has increased to this day.

The program can be linked to ecological systems, national banks and international payment systems with visa debit cards and payment gateways Having this talent would be a great help to many because it is a program considered smart to manage finances.

Many people are looking  for information about the Genius call center for  information regarding its features. In fact, this application activates The easier the bank is that you can send a savings payment to make a deposit only with a smartphone, so it is very helpful.

What are the benefits of using Genius?

This program actually makes one’s bank activity easier, as is the case of the debate that every transaction can only be  done with a smartphone. It  doesn’t The technology development  continuation that is becoming sophisticated every day  ,  so you don’t have to come directly to the bank or stand in the queue.

You can get many  benefits   using   a single account  ; you can already enjoy different transactions  . Start making money without having to go to   a  guarantee Therefore,  staying at home as in the current pandemic  is very beneficial in the most appropriate conditions.

Genie US has a variety of cards, m-card, e-card and x-card etc. Because e-card itself is a virtual card that will be like a credit card. If the type of m-card is a type of card for an active balance Or the main account balance and  the former  bond is already already similar to m-cards, they can be used for transactions and withdrawals, but there are daily shopping limits.

The type of savings from Genius also varies, such as Flexi Saver, Dream Saver and Maxi Saver so you can choose or adapt to your needs. For more information, you are advised to be related Go to the Genius Call Center. This digital  card also offers many benefits:

  1. There are no transfer fees, albeit with different banks.
  2. Withdrawing cash at ATMs means grat
  3. Accounts  can be easily  opened, meaning online so it’s very simple and useful
  4. There are no administrative charges, so every monthly deadline is secure
  5. Talent can be used overseas as he is included in visa network

The most common questions about Genius via CS Services

Among tuberculosis like this, it is advised to stay at home so that all types can be traded online Therefore, talent can be used as a solution when you  want to surgery or open a new account, but there are still many who are unfamiliar with the process.

Some people contact the Genius call center service  for details. For example, there are some general questions, How to climb  balance, how to view account numbers and what are different types of savings, like Flexi Saver, Dream Saver and Maxi Saver.

It is really easy to get on the balance, you can transfer  from another bank by entering the 213-year-old BTPN bank code, then the Genus account number You and your cell phone number are registered in Genies. You can check your cell phone number and account number via the Genies app in the profile menu.

While many are curiosity whether you can get a book across the app, Geneaeus doesn’t offer a direct cross-book but offers e-statement or accounts Current Ni, which you can access every month through form and settings on the app, or you can also use the Genius call center service  .

You can download  applications via the Play Store or app store, whether Android or iOS-based or adjusted to the smartphone you are using. Contact In different types of savings, you can use Flexi Saver as an urgent fund or a warehouse that provides flexibility for withdrawal or deposit.

In relation to saving in a dream, you can use it for saving according to the specific goals you will achieve in the future. Serve a Maxi where you can make a time deposit. of three categories of savings, you can choose which ones suit your needs.

Highly beneficial application features

Using this banking application means you can monitor all debit card activities from the card menu. In fact, you can also change daily withdrawal limits Or the transaction value limit of each genetic debit card because there’s a feature called exchange limits, so your finances are more controlled.

Without contacting the Genius call center, you can  change your PIN, block  it and unload it again and write your business history.   So even without a physical crossbook, you can see the transaction through a digital card or debit card.

This digital card is linked to national ATM networks and visa networks around the world. so you don’t have to improve on anything else To do business at home or abroad.  no wonder so many  people are expressing interest in opening this debt account  .

After opening a bank account will send a debit card to a registered address. If you are in Zabodetabek, you can obtain up to 2 debit cards Days during work hours, and on top of that you can get it within   7 days of  working   hours   after making an offer to create a card as mentioned above.

If the field is more than a specified normal time limit, if you have not yet received a debit card, you should immediately contact Customer Service G It is only  via a call center where you can  find out what the status of sending debit cards.

How to access the Assistance Center for Information and Restrictions  ?

When you encounter problems, you can contact a call center or BTPN care at 1500 300 or by international telephone call at +62 21 2450 5500.  Through the Genius Hotline Center service or call, you can contact both ways to get treatment immediately from your experienced  issues.

If you don’t have the opportunity to call the above number, you can email the customer service at the address In the meantime, for general information about Genius credit cards, you can contact

When you create a PIN for a debit Genius card, you have to use different PIN numbers for ATMs and apps.  This  is just a precautionary measure to make the   hand More secure and  there are few obstacles you have to contact talent call  centres.

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