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Contact the PDAM Customer Service Center when you encounter this issue.

That’s because the water facilities it receives often have problems, PDAM itself stands for regional drinking water companies. This company has been active for a long time and is used by most citizens.

The problems that residents themselves face can be of various types. In essence, these issues need to be complained about so that you as a consumer do not feel disadvantaged. However, most consumers do not know when to contact the service center. In fact, there are many conditions under which the consumer must contact him.

Among these many conditions, there are some of the most urgent. In this condition, contacting a PDAM service center is essential. To be clear, this is a review of some of the issues that make it necessary for consumers to contact a service center.

The water does not flow normally normally.

The first problem that forces customers to contact the call center is when the water does not flow normally. Usually this condition causes little or nothing flow. There are several problems that can cause disturbances in this flow of water. The first problem is usually in the customer’s service pipeline.

Customer service pipes are the initial source of water flow to consumers. If there is a problem with the pipeline, all consumers will be affected. By contacting the SERVICE CENTER, PDAM can do the verification directly, that’s because the customer’s official pipeline is definitely adjacent to the head office.

In addition to dealing with the initial part, pipes in other positions may experience difficulties. Usually the first problem is associated with blockages. When there is a blockage in the flow, the water does not flow normally. In addition to blockages, leaks may occur. Detecting these leaks takes a long time.

By contacting the PDAM service center, a team of experts will be deployed immediately so that this problem can be solved. It is possible that repairs have been made to part of the pipe, with the CS contacting to know when the repair will be completed.

The last possibility that the worst problem is related to disruptions in production. Usually, disruptions in production occur due to insufficient supply of raw materials. This supply shortage often occurs due to drought. However, natural disasters such as floods can also cause it.

In fact, the supply of raw materials would choke if the electricity in the center went out. By communicating with the PDAM service center about it, you will know the problems that have arisen so that you no longer feel upset without knowing the confidence. It was certainly a wise decision.

The water condition is turbid and dirty.

In addition to when the flow is abnormal, it is also necessary to contact the call center when the water conditions seem murky or dirty. Although it is still safe, dirty water can also make users feel uncomfortable when using it.

When contacting the PDAM customer service center , it is explained why cloudy conditions can occur and when the problem will be solved. Usually this unsanitary condition occurs when the water flow is previously sluggish. When it stumbles, it is most likely caused by a leaking pipe.

This leakage of pipes makes the possibility of water accumulation even greater. The sediment is absolutely not clean. However, this problem will not last long. If unsanitary conditions are caused by sediment due to leakage, CS will advise you to remove the water that comes out first.

After some time, the water that comes out will be clean, because the sedimentary water is completely dirty. In fact, the problem of dirty water becomes more difficult if it is caused by provisioning supply. Under normal conditions, the flow is subjected to a standard pressure so that the entire part of the pipe is not filled.

Since it is usually in an unfulfilled state, the top of the pipe is prone to causing dirt. When the dirt increases a lot, it becomes a problem if the pressure increases. The increased pressure fills the top with impurities irrigated with water. This contaminates the water from such impurities.

When contacting the PDAM service center and the problem is caused by this, the advice given is to wait until the pipe is clean. However, CS will let you know that the waiting time for water to be clean is a little longer. It will also be notified when the flow returns to normal again.

The charge doesn’t match the estimate.

Call centers must also be contacted if the bill received is too large and exceeds expectations. Actually, when the bills don’t match, there may be errors in the system and you’ll get your money back. However, this condition is extremely rare. Usually, the pattern of this problem is only reported so that similar problems do not occur.

When the PDAM call center  was contacted due to bill discrepancies, the first thing to explain was the habit of not turning off the faucet completely. If this is done, it is possible that the droplets continue to go out throughout the night. This condition can clearly swell the bill if it is done daily.

Therefore, be sure to turn off the faucet completely after use. If you feel that you turn off the faucet perfectly, the next problem is usually caused by a leak in the consumer’s pipe. When a consumer’s pipe leaks, the water continues to flow all the time.

This caused the bills to skyrocket dramatically. If this possibility exists, the CS communicates directly with the specialist. Once communicated, a specialist will come to your house and find out which parts have leaks.

But since the reporting was completed after the leak occurred, the previous bill still had to be paid. Actually, when contacting the customer service center, you should check the meter regularly.

You yourself need to know the amount of daily life that is usually done already. If, when checking the amount, it feels unusual, it is better to contact PDAM directly. For this reason, such a bad possibility as a large price jump will be avoided.

How to contact the call center

That’s because PDAM’s call center number  is not the same as other companies with centralized conditions. Usually, each city has its own call center.

If you are confused about finding an information center, you can look directly at the company’s social media. Also, you can contact him through short messages on social media. PDAM is usually the most active on Twitter.

Make sure to use the call center quickly. It would be a bad experience if it felt like there was a problem and you couldn’t do anything. After all, contacting a call center is not difficult. Actually, your neighbor must also have his contacts. You can also contact the PDAM Service Center directly.

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